J&A Oil Premium Gear (PG)

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  • Base: 100 % synthetic
  • Packaging: 1L / 4L

With Japan's latest technology, the oil not only fits all JDM cars, but is also compatible with many of the European and American transmissions.  Not only does it allow prompt transmission of power from the torque converter, it also protects the gears, bushings, and bearings.  Compared to other brands, our PG series has superior cooling properties to reduce heat within the torque converter and clutch, preventing clutch wear.  Also maintains great oil pressures within the valve body and the clutch assembly.

  • Base: 100 % synthetic
  • Packaging: 1L / 4L

Our Premium Gear transmission oil has high performance additives that will meet the demands of any timing chain and/or timing belt.  The Premium Gear oil, also known as the Continuous Valve Timing Fluid (CVTF) will provide a smooth transmission of motion and has excellent longevity and anticorrosive properties that allow prolonged protection compared to other leading brands.

  • Base: GR.III + Limited Slip Differential Additive (LSD Oil Additive)
  • Viscosity: 75w-90
  • Packaging: 1L 

Formulated for racing, our Premium Gear (PG) transmission oil shows excellent stability at extreme high temperatures, but yet is compatible with a wide range of temperatures for daily driving that frequently changes gears at low temperatures.  Compatible with all transmissions and differentials (LSD), the oil is engineered to feel a difference even in the small quantity of oil required by the limited slip differential (LSD).  The goal of achieving the highest standard of transmission oil not only resulted in a superior transmission oil, but also the production of an oil that substantially reduced wear of all gears, extending the performance of all transmission and differentials.